About us

We are Microsoft’s allied consultants, specialized in data analysis through Power BI, the creation of customized and agile solutions using Power Apps, as well as in process optimization through the use of Artificial Intelligence and Power Automate.

+15 Years of experience

We deliver advanced technology, expertise, collaboration and passion to drive businesses towards sustainable success in the digital age.

We make the data talk.

Our values

Professional Ethics

We reflect diligence, honesty and legality in every action.


We work with the heart, breaking down limits, obstacles and barriers.


We have the criteria to act with independence, leadership and shared commitment.


Our weaknesses are transformed into strengths, because we have a team that supports and guides us.


Our highly trained consultants work closely with experts in the field, interacting with your business to design customized solutions that truly meet your company’s needs. Our expertise extends to diverse industries, allowing our consultants to become true experts in the language of business.

Sectories – Industries

Fashion Retail
Food manufacturing

Business areas

Commercial and Sales
Technology and Information
Human Resources

What do they say about us?

Our clients and projects

Without data, you are just another person giving your opinion.